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Fire Fighters

Every firefighter can tell you even the smallest details of their worst call — and most have more than one that comes back to haunt them. There has been increasing understanding and awareness about the impact not just of one or two bad calls, but of regularly responding to everyone's worst days



The critical incident can be much different than you usually face.  Although law enforcement personnel are well trained; a critical incident is something they may not be prepared for.   Personnel may be confronted by reactions and feelings rarely reported or discussed by their peers.  Just as you allow yourself time to recover from a physical injury, it is important to accept your reactions after a critical incident.

Medics & EMTs

Have you ever returned from an intense call and felt you didn’t do enough to help that patient? Have you ever laid in bed at night unable to sleep because all you are seeing and thinking about when you close your eyes is that last call you were on? Have you responded to a serious call and it has brought you back to a call you were on years ago?


A survey by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics found that about 5% of all businesses experienced an incident of workplace violence each year, with this rate being much higher at 50% for larger size organizations with over 1,000 workers.1 An average of 5 violent crimes are committed at work each year per 1,000 employees in the US. 


Tragedies happen. Children and parents die. Teens commit suicide. And teachers must face their students after the unthinkable happens. Educators nationwide and worldwide struggle to establish and manage School Crisis Response Teams in response to the recent escalation in frequency and scope of campus emergencies. Community CISM teams have much to offer and schools can benefit from CISM support.


The stress for jail personnel that results from an inmate's suicide includes guilt at not having prevented the suicide, anger and regret at not having been better prepared and trained to deal with a suicide attempt, and a continuous replaying of the events before and after the suicide in questioning what might have been done to change the outcome. Modern incarceration shows a shift from rehabilitation to a more custodial approach, an increase in long-term sentences,
overcrowding, and more violent and mentally ill offenders


 Response to traumatic events such as sudden deaths, suicide, homicide, accidents, school or community violence, robberies, house fires, industrial accidents, natural disasters, etc


Events that can precipitate trauma include pediatric or unexpected deaths, errors, staff injury or death, a terrorist event, mass casualties, needle sticks, and even being sued for malpractice. The emergency department is an area where there is a lot of workplace violence, where patients are verbally and physically aggressive. Almost everybody who works in the ED has been verbally assaulted by patients — every day


The goal is to encourage ventilation of emotions and a re-balancing of individuals as well as to educate individuals or groups regarding normal stress reactions.

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